ASR expands in readiness for revaluation

ASR is gearing up for an expected rush of business from the revaluation of business rates by adding to its network of offices in the Hull area.

Adrian Smith, who founded ASR in 2000, said the move will enable the company to provide better coverage across the Hull and East Yorkshire area and will also increase convenience for clients.

The company’s new office is within a business centre which went on the market earlier this year after a major refurbishment and was originally owned by InterBulk, who are still an ASR client.

The business also operates from its original office in Keyingham and from sites at Priory Park, Hessle, and Freetown Way, Hull.

Adrian said: “It is important for us to have a presence across Hull and the wider area. That’s what this expansion gives us, and we also visit clients at their premises.

“Things have become much busier in recent years with business owners looking for good advice when faced with changes around rating, and with various people offering deals that are too good to be true.”

The revaluation of business rates will take effect on 1 April 2017 with businesses able to find out their draft rateable value in October. Adrian said the fact that there has not been a revaluation since 2010 means some businesses could face significant changes.

Adrian said: “Revaluation will add to the confusion and will increase demand for our services so I’ve acted to make sure we’re ready.

“If you pay business rates they will almost certainly change. Many significant economic events have occurred since the last revaluation and they could have a major impact when it comes to assessing a fair rateable value.

“The changes could be up or down and they could be substantial. They will certainly influence business budget decisions and they may warrant an appeal, particularly if errors have been made.

“It is possible businesses will see an increase in their rateable value but there are also increases in the thresholds for relief and that could result in a liability being reduced or even wiped out.

“It is important that business owners are aware of that before they commission consultants to secure savings which they would have made anyway! Our message is to take professional advice from someone with the appropriate accreditations to ensure you understand the changes.”