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Adrian Smith Rating provides specialist and cost effective business rating solutions to a range of clients in the industrial, manufacturing, transport, storage, retail, commercial and public service sectors in Hull and the surrounding area, together with National coverage if required.

Business Rates are a significant overhead for businesses. Typically, business rates are equivalent to 45% of the annual rental value of commercial premises, an expense that, in the current economic climate, may affect not only the profitability of many businesses, but may also influence the viability of commercial propositions.

The calculation of business rates is complex. Currently, the Valuation Office Agency calculates the rateable value of the premises, based on the hypothetical rental value of the premises that may reasonably have been achieved on 31st March 2008.

Experience demonstrates the Valuation Office Agency and the billing authorities frequently calculate assessments using limited and on occasions, inaccurate information that may compromise the reliability of the rating liability assessment. On occasions, the Valuation Office Agency and the billing authorities may also fail to comply with the regulatory requirements for the administration of business rating assessments and the issue of invoices. Business rating assessments are frequently challenged and these aspects typically form the bases of successful appeals.

In order to deliver bespoke solutions to manage business rating liabilities, Adrian Smith Rating is able to provide a range of services, in order to evaluate the potential for cost savings, and thereafter, to optimise the position of the client in order to achieve the maximum savings. Further details of the services Adrian Smith Rating provides can be found here.


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